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Dale Preston has been playing the guitar for 15 years, and teaching students in Nottingham for over 6 years now. Besides teaching, Dale is also an experienced songwriter, performer, and he is passionate about music.


Over the past 6 years, Dale has professionally taught music to students of various ages, levels, and styles. He offers an exciting, comprehensive lesson program that is structured around the student’s goals.


Learn your favorite songs, how to read music, scales and modes, warm-up techniques, speed strengthening exercises, technique, music theory, chords and chord progressions, rhythm and solo guitar, improvising, ear training techniques, how to write your own songs, and tips for playing in a band.


It is also recommended that student’s learn how to play different styles of music. He motivates, provides guidance, and teaches his student's how to practice properly and effectively to ensure that they reach their highest learning potential. The lessons, along with a little dedication, will give you the skills needed to succeed in today’s world of music.

Learn to play guitar in Nottingham

Tel: 07780 602 969

Email: dale.preston@dspguitartuition.co.uk

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